A new garden and you don’t know where to start? Or – an established garden that needs a facelift? Working in close consultation with you and taking all your needs into account, we will produce the design that’s right for you.

The four Gardenscape stages to garden design are:


  1. We start with a free consultation to discuss your requirements and initial ideas. At this stage we take basic measurements, and we can also advise on materials that could be used to make sure you stay within your budget!
  2. Assuming that you wish to make use of our services, we will then carry out a more extensive survey of your garden. This can be useful in deciding where to place the elements of your design, and will also be of great help in producing the detailed planting plan later.
  3. We then produce a basic outline plan from which you can select your preferred design. Here we can play with the shapes and major structures of the potential new garden.
  4. Once the final outline plan is agreed, we will then produce a scale drawing which will also be the working plan used in the construction. You may also want Gardenscape to create a planting plan for you. We can either advise you on where to buy the plants, or purchase and plant them on your behalf.