Bob and Jill Bridgeman, Wantage

“On Roger’s first visit to our rather unloved townhouse garden, he exuded so much enthusiasm and so many ideas that we were convinced he had the skills to transform it into a haven for us. His beautifully drawn plan showed a practical yet creative structure with wildlife friendly planting following our chosen colour scheme of whites, blues, and pinks. We asked for one or two highlights of warmer yellows and oranges, which he cleverly incorporated. After discussion to fine tune our needs regarding size of patios, how much lawn area, height of wooden frameworks etc., the work began. Deliveries for the hard landscaping materials and the removal of garden matter by skip was all coordinated and overseen by Roger in a very professional way and our garden soon began to take shape. He worked extremely hard and meticulously to move the project along, and after a few weeks we were ready to see the planting take shape. Roger carefully sourced perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees and got to work on creating the different areas we’d agreed on – spring flowers near the house, roses and climbers on the fences and framework, and lots of drifts of colour in the borders. The whole effect was stunning and has continued to flower and look good for many months since completion in June. We have been really happy so see so many bees and butterflies attracted to the plants too. Overall, a very successful outcome – thank you Roger.”

Gill and Bob Bridgeman

Joan and Dave Griffiths

“Roger has recently completed a garden reconstruction for us and we are extremely pleased with the results. His clever design and imagination has made our garden seem so much bigger. He has given us a beautiful and serene space which will be a pleasure to sit in during the warmer months. He has planted with skill, ensuring that we will have colour in the garden throughout the year. His clever use of beautiful stone and paving compliment his imaginative planting. Well done Roger, we would recommend your work without question.”

David & Joan Griffiths

Pamela Church Gibson

“Roger transformed a small swampy weed-covered overgrown lawn and  backyard  into a delightful garden! It’s now a paved courtyard surrounded by shrubs, flowers and clematis-covered trellis. It’s a real pleasure to pull back the curtains in the morning and I find myself glancing out of the window at every opportunity. In the summer it’s an ideal place to write, eat or simply sit and enjoy! Roger created (using only my muddled suggestions) the garden that I have always wanted. What more could I ask for from a Landscape Architect?”

Pamela Church Gibson

Jon & Alison Robb-Webb

“We employed Roger to redesign our garden over the autumn/winter 2009. Roger provided a “one-stop shop” service. This included the initial design, sourcing of all the materials and plants and undertaking all the work required from removal of the old garden materials to the building and planting of the redesigned garden. Roger is highly enthusiastic in his approch. He is thorough in taking you through the process and provided sound advice for adaptations. We were very pleased with the workmanship and delighted by the end result. We have enjoyed seeing how the planting has provided a varied and interesting flowering from spring through to autumn. If you are looking for a personal as well as a professional touch then we recommend Roger to you.”

Jon & Alison Robb-Webb, Faringdon